A community that’s known for its outdoor recreational facilities and eco-tourism, there are many places of interest for the tourist to this part of the world.

National Park

Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

Strolling along the long sandy beaches, storm-watching in storm suits, kayaking and storytelling campfires are but a few activities at the park reserve. The stretch of the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve is home to a wide variety of wildlife. Also take the Wild Pacific Trail, which gives stunning views of the ocean on one side and the temperate rainforest on the other. Stretching over nine kilometres, and suitable for all age groups, it takes walkers from the Amphitrite lighthouse to beaches of the Pacific Rim reserve.

group islands

Broken group islands

Pristine and untouched, hundreds of islands are present within Barkley Sound. Known to be part of Pacific Rim national park reserve, it can be reached by boat. With beautifully clear waters at certain points, these islands are a must visit. What makes the trip here more exciting is the options of kayaking, for which it is renowned.


The Aquarium

With the shores of the region being home to some extremely beautiful sea creatures, the Ucluelet aquarium has slowly emerged as a home for some of them. The wide variety of marine life on display is collected in the month of March and displayed till December, when it is released into the water. This event is celebrated through a release party, and everyone is invited to participate. This process not only keeps the collection at the aquarium diverse and interesting, it also helps animals in the wild return to their homes.



The century old Amphitrite point lighthouse is situated at the mouth of the Ucluelet inlet. Located strategically, it gives breathtaking views of wild waves and pretty sunsets. As one can sit and relax here regaling the sunset, soaking in the greenery around them, this is a picture that will stay on the mind’s eye. Interestingly, the photo of this lighthouse was present as the default image on the Windows 7 operating system as well.