British Columbia

Situated in British Columbia, and located at the edge of the Pacific ocean, Ucluelet is a land of rugged beauty. A land that is on the edge of the continent, it is blessed with wonderful climate and temperate rainforests. Because of its vantage position, it offers a unique kind of holiday destination for every tourist. Those who visit take back something unique and indelible from this region, their experiences becoming richer with visiting here. Known for its scenery, food and water sports, this is a destination that has continued to balance its serenity with world class appeal. With rich history, it has many stories to tell, and a traveller to this part of the world, will not be disappointed.


History indicates that this stretch of land along with the outer west coast of Vancouver, was perhaps one of the first few places with civilization. Known to be part of the First Nation, civilization dates here to be 4300 years old. Trading is known to have started in around 1774, when Juan Perez first docked his ship here, while travelling on the west coast of Vancouver island. Archaeological indications of maritime trade taking place since that time have also been noted. Fur trade became popular around 1870 in the surrounding regions, and Ucluelet became an important stop. With time, this sleepy village became a bustling sealing industry, which brought in revenues and economic development. With the arrival of more settlers, the region started gaining popularity for fishing. A Mission house by the Presbyterian Church came up in 1898, and a whaling station started operations in 1903. The World War II raised the importance of this little town, and a seaplane base was established by the military. Since then, various developments took place, shaping its course and story in time..